To Quit Or Not to Quit Your Job So You Can Travel the World

To Quit Or Not to Quit Your Job So You Can Travel the World

Is your work or your entire life a bore? Why not break-up with boring and go vagabonding? And if that sounds too extreme or you are not sure if you’re ready to take a radical leap, try traveling the world one year at a time, or maybe twice to thrice.

Setting off for a probably, once in a lifetime, backpacking adventure, scaling the world in an ambitious and unhurried pace is presently a well-trodden path. Yes, you read it right, it’s no longer a uniquely risky decision. In fact, more than anything, nomadic lifestyle–the backpackers way, is a quintessential goal in this generation.

It isn’t an easy path however, it takes guts, preparation, determination, and flexibility to adjust on the initial shock. Every human being probably faced an existential crisis at some point–trying to discover themselves, their values, and their life’s purpose, but the idea of traveling the world may have been an intrinsic desire that without doing so, one can sense that something is missing.

Just entertaining the thought of traveling the world can be intimidating, first because of its monetary requirement, second is security and a whole bunch of other concerns. Most backpackers nowadays have this happy-go-lucky mindset, which can be pretty contagious and desirous. Full-time backpacking however, without much deprivation and struggle is questionable since it seems to be too good to be true especially living in this financially demanding world. Yet, it’s possible.

Globetrotting may seem an incontestable much-coveted accomplishment. Nevertheless, given that it’s not easy to find a job effortlessly, not to mention how hard it is to earn a bountiful salary, the question remains: to quit of not to quit your job?

You may agree that leaving a boring or dissatisfying job to travel may appear to be a good idea, but before packing your bags and handing that resignation letter to your boss, consider the cost. The truth is, you can travel the world smoothly without even quitting your stable job.

It’s also good to ask yourself of the possibility that maybe you just need a career shift, or a new and challenging work. It’s a good idea to take a long vacation and just dedicate a time to consider the kind of career you really want. You don’t want to be in the middle of somewhere far abroad, realizing that it isn’t the life you dreamed of and regretting that you don’t have money to spare for a nice hotel room, a plane ticket back home, or even for a decent meal.

Contemplating the worst-case scenario, contingencies, and if you are financially stable to support your long-term travel, can help you on being logical with your decisions. Besides, try considering first if maybe you just need a sabbatical off from work.

It’s advisable too to assess your profitable skills and qualifications, and see if you can find a freelancing gig online or a contractual work in other countries that may help support your backpacking plans.

The bottom line here is, when you want to travel the world, quitting or not quitting your job isn’t entirely a black and white option. Try to look at all alternatives and assess your readiness be it physically, emotionally, or financially. And once you’ve curated a solid masterplan, go and see the world.

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