Things to Do Before Selling a House

Things to do before selling a house

Selling a house can be an overbearing thing for both homeowners and homebuyers. Although it’s one of those crucial financial decisions you need to plan out thoroughly, certain things will happen unexpectedly. However, most things you can prepare in advance, to be sure that everything will get smoothly and efficiently.

If you’re about to sell your home, here are the things you need to do before you list it.

1. Paint It – leave a good impression on the potential buyers and paint the whole house before you list it. That way, you’ll make it look fresh and clean. Keep it simple – a white or beige will do the work. The new homeowners might not like bold colors, so it’s recommended to be moderate with choosing the paint.
2. Clean the Clutter – moving out is the chance to clean the clutter that you’ve been collecting in years. Make sure you clean the attic, the basement, and all other places which you used to store things. Also, you can leave some of the stuff in the closets or at the shelves, just to make the impression of what it looks like to live there.
3. Don’t Leave Bare Walls – even though some realtors will tell you that it’s not a good idea to keep your belongings at potential buyer’s disposal, don’t leave walls blunt. A buyer is interested to see how it will look like to live in the house, not so much in the actual space of the home. By leaving some of the things you used – like paintings, wall decoration, or lamps – you will attract buyer’s attention.
4. Replace the Handles – if you want to leave a good impression on the buyers, don’t miss the little things like replacing the door handles or other broken stuff in the kitchen or bathroom. It might look like no one will even notice you’ve done it but it will be a plus on your buyer’s checklist.
5. Call the Realtor – selling your home by yourself can be a daunting process, especially if you don’t have the time to advertise it. Having a professional who will take care of your house is a big time-saver, and it can help you to sell your home quickly and at a much higher price. Since realtors know their market, they will be able to give you a proper assessment of your house which will help you to set up a price that will work for you the best.
6. Gather a Team – besides a realtor; you might need the help of other professionals that will take care of the listing for you. If you’re planning to build a team, consider hiring these professionals: a closing attorney, photographer, landscaper, interior designer, and home inspector. Before the list goes public, make sure you express your conditions to each of them, to be sure that you’ll get the best deal possible.
7. Invest in Marketing – although professionals will keep your listing active, you can contribute by investing in marketing. There are a couple of websites that offer free listings upload – use them as a way to market your listing online. Another thing to consider is Facebook – whether you choose to post in groups or to create a page for your listing, you will get the attention you need.



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