United States and Free Healthcare

United States and Free Healthcare

Who wouldn’t want free healthcare literally all the time, right? It’s a wonderful thing whenever a country can offer out eternal, free healthcare, isn’t it? Let me ask you this simple question. In The United States of America, where do you think that money is going to come from? We are in debt so badly, truly up to our eyeballs from handing out money to other countries and so on…Where is the money to give free healthcare to our American citizens going to come from? Although it may feel like the question of the century, it’s good to look into free healthcare for The United States and discuss it a little bit. Should there be free healthcare for all American citizen, especially when The United States is in so much debt? What would that do to our country if we turned to this kind of living and policy? In my personal opinion, I think that in order to provide free healthcare to all American citizens, a government would have to highly tax the wealthy and add more jobs to The United States, but then again, that’s just my big opinion, which means absolutely nothing to the general population. There are plenty of countries over in Europe that offer out free healthcare to their citizens and have you noticed something about that? It seems as though the people are much happier as well healthier and wonder why that is? Today, we are going to be taking a look at offering free healthcare in The United States.

A Happier You

Did you know that people who can get free healthcare are a much happier person simply because they don’t have to pay for their medical expenses? It’s such a simple concept that it almost seems silly discussing, but it’s the truth. Whenever you don’t have to worry about where the money is going to come from to pay your medical bills, you become a much more stress-free person, as well a happier person too. Here is the only obstacle in the situation. We all must understand that The United States is in a lot of trouble when it comes to money and a person cannot ignore that fact.

The United States is in over their heads when it comes to debt across America, and you must understand that there isn’t much that The United States can do when it comes to getting out of debt with these other countries. It’s just the truth, and we must face that fact. I personally believe that The United States should try and work for more job coming into the country because here is how it is. The people of The United States needs jobs and if we had more jobs and not just that alone, but better jobs to go to, maybe people wouldn’t care so much about having to pay for their medical insurance. If we had better jobs, then maybe America could get out of debt easier, but right now, the issue is…Where is the money going to come from? Are we going to tax the rich? Should the wealthy be taxed?

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